Five Reasons to Not Stay at Historic Inns of Rockland

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Did our title take you by surprise? While most inns blog about why to stay there, we’re taking a counter-intuitive approach today. We know it’s a bit unusual that we’d write about reasons why you wouldn’t want to stay with us, but if you’ve never spent a night at an inn or B&B OR never visited LimeRock Inn, Berry Manor Inn or Granite Inn, you might want to know a little bit about why you wouldn’t want to stay here before trying it.

We know that inns and B&Bs aren’t for everyone.  Some people choose to stay in other kinds of accommodations because they’d rather sleep in a tent or in someone’s home they’ve never met.  Others choose Midcoast Maine hotels because that’s where the conference is.  Still others are loyal to Coastal Maine motels or points programs. We understand that.  Yet, when it comes to a romantic Midcoast Maine getaway, we may be biased, but we kind of think that the Historic Inns of Rockland are a good…no, wait…a fabulous option.  True to our title on this blog posting, read on and we’ll tell you why NOT to visit us on your next Maine getaway.

You enjoy stale bagels and bruised bananas

You definitely wouldn’t want to stay at one of the three Historic Inns of Rockland if you enjoy the typical hotel or motel breakfast buffet of do-it-yourself frozen waffles, warm yogurt and bruised bananas.  If peanut butter on a stale bagel is your idea of a great way to start the day, then don’t choose to stay with us because the gourmet, home cooked, hot and hearty breakfast you’ll get at one of the three Historic Inns of Rockland may simply not appeal to you.  Yet, if you love to start the day out with a multi-course breakfast, including freshly roasted steaming coffee and a choice of juices, fresh baked muffins or pastries, followed by the entrée(s) of the day and prepared with care for you, then make your next getaway a culinary adventure at one of the three Historic Inns of Rockland. Oh yes, and breakfast is complimentary. It’s included in the cost of the stay, so you can also say goodbye to that $25 hotel breakfast buffet when you stay at one of our three Rockland Maine inns too.

You enjoy your anonymity and aren’t concerned with hotel safety

If you would rather that the person checking you in at the front desk not know your name or your preferences when you arrive, then a 2-or-3-star hotel or motel, or an Airbnb property might be for you.  If you are very fortunate, they might call you by name after looking over your reservation, but don’t plan on even a handshake or a smiling welcome.  And with all the hoopla surrounding hotel safety lately, you might just end up with that special someone you don’t want right next door! Sure, the front desk personnel are usually polite, but not very warm and not necessarily very concerned with your safety.  Visit Granite Inn, Berry Manor Inn or LimeRock Inn and even if you’ve never been there before, the innkeeper(s) will greet you enthusiastically, give you a tour of the property and an orientation to the area, then ask if you’d like help with any dinner restaurants or ideas.  More importantly, they are sure to check with you if someone asks to be placed in the room next to you.  No peep holes on our doors either!

 You prefer the expected

You know what you’ll get when you stay at a Marriott, Super 8, Hampton Inn or Homewood Suites.  Sure, you’ll have a room with a bed, a TV, a private bathroom, and a desk.  You can be pretty sure there’ll be a window, but there is rarely a view.  Cookie cutter? Yes.  Unique and authentic? No.  If lovely linens, inimitable furnishings, unique artwork and decor, and appointed baths are your idea of the ideal getaway amenities, then that’s when you look to Historic Inns of Rockland for your next Coastal Maine vacation.  Not only will you find each room wonderfully different and appealing, but you’ll find a variety of styles from Victorian to urban chic at our three inns.

The kids down the hall bring back memories of home

We know that it’s hard to leave the children at home when you go on vacation, and we don’t blame parents for feeling guilty for escaping for that much-needed respite.  What we don’t wish upon couples trying to get away for a romantic Maine escape is the screaming kid down the hall.  Yet all too often, the family-oriented motels and hotels are the choice du jour for crying babies, children’s tantrums, or the teenagers running down the halls knocking on doors.  One thing you won’t find at Historic Inns of Rockland are kids and teenagers running amuck.  Most of our rooms are designed for just two people, and while well behaved children and teens are welcomed at our inns (and Granite Inn even offers family suites), it’s rare that our guests’ children travel without well behaved parents.

You want to spend your nickels and dimes

Plenty of people like to get rid of their loose change.  But we know when it comes to hotels and resorts, it’s more like loose dollars. The $50/night parking fees, added to the $25/day resort fee, bellman and concierge tips, pay-per-view TV expenses, wi-fi connection fee, and of course the $5 bottle of water all start adding up to hundreds by the end of a vacation.  Peter Greenburg, travel guru tells us that According to a report from New York University, hotels will earn about $2.25 billion from extra fees and surcharges this year. That’s up six percent from the previous year, and about double from a decade ago. You won’t find those extra hotel fees at Historic Inns of Rockland properties.  At our Rockland inns, we won’t nickel and dime you. Say goodbye to resort and connection fees. Say hello to complimentary pie and ice cream, stocked guest pantries, bottomless cookie jars, in-room TVs/DVDs, and innkeepers who are happy to carry your luggage to your room.  We’ll even send you home with a Historic Inns of Rockland reusable shopping bag and some wonderful oil and vinegar tastings from FIORE Artisan Olive Oils and Vinegars. If you’d like to leave a gratuity for the housekeepers and staff you’re welcome to and it’s appreciated, but it’s not mandatory.  Save your nickels and dimes, and your dollars too for some shopping in downtown Rockland or a night out on the town.

We know that our inns aren’t for everyone.  Some simply prefer lackluster over luxurious, and we totally agree that there’s the right accommodation for everyone. Yet, next time you’re not sure which way to go Historic Inn or Holiday Inn, we hope you’ll choose our welcoming hospitality and enjoy your next getaway in Midcoast Maine and Rockland.

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